IMUFLEX® Blood Bags 

Improve collections, streamline operations

IMUFLEX blood bags are a unique system designed for collecting and processing whole blood into components.

Available in various configurations, IMUFLEX systems combine high-quality blood bags with integrated, in-line leukoreduction filters to improve collections and streamline operations by reducing the need for post-collection processing.

IMUFLEX blood bags are made from high quality, biocompatible materials. Other main features include:

  • Latex-free construction
  • Gas permeable for excellent preservation of blood components
  • Highly efficient leukoreduction

Optimized bag shape

  • Rounded shape minimizes loss of blood components and facilitates mixing

Sharp, dependable needle

  • Reduces penetration resistance to minimize tissue trauma
  • Reduces discomfort of venipuncture and donation with unique triple bevel design
  • Offers superior flow, reduced collection time and reduced thromboplastin release with ultra-thin wall
  • Offers minimal activation of blood components
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